Yoga Therapist

Emilie was introduced to yoga at an early age as a way to cope with her anxiety and depression. After experiencing its healing benefits, Emilie enrolled in her first Ashtanga-based 300-hour yoga teacher training at the age of 17 and then flew to India to participate in a Hatha-based yoga teacher training at the age of 19. Using these two different streams of yoga, she began to teaching in various different contexts from rock climbing gyms, to corporate offices, to communal housing, fitness centres, etc. Wanting to expand her knowledge, Emilie enrolled in the Naada Yoga teacher training program in Montreal and after completing it in April, 2017, she decided to move to Morocco and continue to teach yoga on retreats and in surf/yoga camps.

With over 800-hours of training, and still learning (she’s recently enrolled in two personal training programs!), Emilie teaches alignment and anatomy-based flow classes as well as restorative yoga classes both of which emphasize the importance of working safely within your own skin, developing breath awareness, and creating a safe place to heal, support, and strengthen both the physical body and the mind – all while encompassing a bit of silliness, fun challenges, and of course, a few yoga puns.

Join Emilie on the last Sunday of every month at 6:00 PM for Restorative Yoga.


+ 300-hour Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
+ 40-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training
+ 200-hour Arhanta Yoga (Hatha) Teacher Training
+ 300-hour Naada Yoga Teacher Training
+ Currently studying: YMCA F.I.T. Individual Conditioning Program
+ Currently studying: A.C.E. Fitness Personal Training Program

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