Instructeur de Tai Chi

We’re excited to welcome into the Infinite Training family our new Tai Chi teacher Chantal Barrette!

Chantal was born with a passion for movement and began classical training at a very young age in ballet and music. She was very fortunate to have parents who understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle which included the regular practice of yoga. The Hatha yoga practice she started as a child remains an integral part of her life to this day.

Chantal’s first experience with Tai chi began 5 years ago after taking a class with her current Sifu, Steven Rueberer, and has never looked back. She was amazed by all the health benefits, sense of well-being, grace of movement and not to mention how it perfectly complemented her passion of Hatha yoga. Her desire to learn more of this martial art was quickly noticed by her Sifu and within a short amount of time had taken her under his teachings. Her advanced tai chi training further expanded her passion within the martial arts and has been practicing at several locations in the West Island. Under the ongoing tutelage of Sifu Steven, she has obtained advanced training in both wing chun and iron wing styles.

Determined to find a balance between taking care of her family as a mother of three wonderful children and her other passions, she has decided to spread Sifu Steven’s teachings and offer tai chi classes of her own in the hopes of helping people tap into their full potential.

‘Do what you love and everything else will follow naturally’ – Eros

Education: B.A. Of Commerce at Concordia University


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