50 min

Burn This circuit style training class will focus on whole body training. Each class offers a unique blend of exercises sequenced to engage, burn, strengthen the whole body while working endurance as well. Not one muscle will be forgotten. – Intermediate Level Training experience

CrossTraining Blast

60 min

Using the TRX, Kettlebells, bodyweight, slam balls, boxes and more…this class will challenge you in all different ways. We will make you sweat, work you cardio and strength all in one . See your body transform, get stronger and more resilient with each class.

Hatha Yoga

75 min

Hatha Yoga Enjoy a session of sculpting the body and engaging of the core as you take a voyage to relieve your stress and encompass the mind, body and spirit, in the process of attaining one’s peak health and happiness with hatha yoga. This class incorporates all elements of a balanced hatha y...


60 min

Ride Improve your performance for your road biking season. This class focuses on the aspects of cycling using different tempos and intensities. You won’t be disappointed with your results!

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