• Private Training

    Consists of 1 on 1 personalized training tailored to your specific needs and goals.

  • Semi-private Training

    Consists of private training with a group of 2-6 individuals focused on the needs and goals of the group.

  • Group Classes

    We offer a variety of classes to get you in shape, in a fun, energetic and motivating environment. The classes are designed to allow you to go at your speed and give you the option to push yourself to your highest level.

  • Treatment

    Treatments are focused on bringing your body back into balance to allow itself to heal. With the use of osteopathy muscle activation techniques and prescribed exercise, is the ideal environment to continue to help the body to heal in the fastest most efficient way possible.

    Muscle Activation Techniques and Osteopathy defined:

    Muscle Activation Techniques™ is a specific and unique process for evaluating an individual’s ability to produce efficient muscle contraction. Loss of muscle contraction results in a decreased range of motion, and therefore decreased physical performance.

    Range of motion testing can indicate which muscles have decreased contractibility, and precise forces are applied to restore that muscle’s efficiency. With the use of muscle testing, one can see where to treat and restore the “weak” muscles allowing the body to regain optimal balance, strength which leads to increased performance.

    A natural medicine which aims to restore function in the body by treating the causes of pain and imbalance. To achieve this goal the Osteopathic Manual Practitioner relies on the quality and finesse of his/her palpation and works with the position, mobility and quality of the tissues.

    Osteopathic Manual Practitioners palpate by a gently yet intentionally touching the tissues or systems under examination. With experience Osteopathic Manual Practitioners learn to palpate not just superficially but also very deeply within the body. This sensory information is received through touch receptors on the fingertips and palms, and through the proprioceptors (motion and position sensors) embedded deep in the joints of the hands, wrists, arms, and even in the shoulders.

    The ability to detect minute modifications in the quality of the tissues is the assessment skill that allows the Osteopathic Manual Practitioners to help prioritize a patient’s course of treatment. These tissue qualities include, congestion, dehydration, scarring, stiffness, density or loss of resilience, as well as motility that is an infinitesimal movement inherent to all living tissues. It is this sensing of the quality of the tissue, in combination with the positionmobility and vitality of the tissues, that allows the Osteopathic Manual Practitioners to determine the tissues or systems that need immediate attention.

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