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I've been training with Steve for over 10 years now through 2 surgeries and numerous sports related injuries. Thanks to his attentive care and concern and most most importantly his tremendous in depth knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics, I am still playing hockey 3 to 4 times a week and recently ran a sprint triathlon at 58. Thank you for keeping my body young.

Charles-Henri Brunet

Sonya started teaching me hot hatha yoga bout 6 or 7 years ago now, at Happy Tree Yoga. I didn't know her at all back then. That quickly changed, as I would start looking forward to that 1.5 hr every week on the Monday evenings... Sonya has the most soothing voice I've ever heard; I still use some of her catch phrases in my daily life, to soothe me in trying moments. 'Nice and easy' she would say. She would always be so gentle as we would start our class, and throughout. Through her gentle care, she would also however push us to explore the limits of our bodies, without judgement or fear, but with caution and love for ourselves. I learned SO MUCH from her. She really masters deep and advanced postures, she knows how the body works, and she explains postures with such detail and attention. As for the relaxing moments of the class, they are pure bliss. That 1.5 hr completely relieved all my tensions and helped me access a state of calm and peacefulness, which was invaluable. Today, as a young mother, I can't attend evening classes anymore. I miss her presence in my yoga life SO MUCH. She has the kindest spirit. Thankfully, we have become close friends and I still get the chance to see her sweet face now and then, and give her a big hug of love and appreciation. Anyone who has her as a yoga teacher, or as a friend, is the luckiest of people...

Christine Lalonde

Sonya, you are a brillant yoga teacher. You are a perfectionist and with you in my yoga teacher training, it became much more easier. You were so patient and you were never tired of showing same poses over and over again. You focused on details and always there is a lovely smile with your face. You surly brightened my day with your beautiful warm smile. You were fair to everyone and you always treated everyone equally with respect. I love your soul very much and I am so grateful that I had an incredible yoga teacher like you in my journey.

Sharmin Sarma, Yoga Teacher

Sonya, you have a gentle strength that allows you to command a room with a powerful warm loving and heart-felt energy. The softness is your voice allows your students to trust themselves and get into difficult postures with ease and grace. You have excellent alignment cues that are so clear, your students do not have to look to see what you are doing and in turn feel safe. Your own practice is also very strong and knowledgeable that students and teachers trust you to help them grow in their own practice or business.

Lisa Shebath, Yoga Teacher

I have had the honor and privilege of being taught by Sonya as I was learning to become a yoga teacher myself. Sonya is a gifted teacher. I was most touched and impacted by the gentle and warm yet poignant way in which she was able to guide each one of us forward on our individual journey. I felt seen and safe. She has a deep knowledge of the human body and it’s mechanics and effectively imparts this understanding to her students. Radiant, beautiful, insightful, profound, gentle, enchanting Sonya.

Nora Hanna, Yoga Teacher

I took yoga lessons with Sonya (both private and in group settings) for over six years before moving away. She is one of the warmest, kindest teachers I have had the pleasure of coming across. Her classes will leave you feeling strong and flexible in body and calm and relaxed in mind. I love how she always offers options for more advanced students while ensuring every pose is accessible to the stiffest beginner. If you have the chance to take a class with Sonya, take it!

Rachel Zuroff

I greatly enjoyed working with Sonya as my personal trainer. She was very perceptive about evaluating my current level of skills and what I needed to do next to improve. While working with her, my flexibility, my strength, and my endurance improved.

Debbie Zuroff

Sonya is the rare yoga teacher who truly embodies the practice. Her teaching is skillful, nuanced, and informed by many years of dedicated practice and ongoing study. Under Sonya's skilled guidance, thoughtful instruction and caring presence you’ll be inspired to explore your limits with the perfect combination of challenge and compassion.

Barrie Risman, creator of The Skillful Yogi & co-director of World Spine Care Yoga Project

In 2014 , I decided that it was time to make a positive change in regards to my health. At 45 years old, I felt a lack of energy and my aches and pains were more present. I never liked going to the gym, especially big commercial box gyms where eventually I would lose interest and stop going. I decided to try Infinite Training, smaller, individualized training and a different approach to exercise. Best decision ever! I enjoy the individual training, the group classes and friendly environment. Steve has been great; he tailored my personal training sessions to achieve my personal goals of toning and losing those inches where I needed most. He is always pushing me that much further each week. All the staff have been fantastic motivators, I feel stronger, energized and motivated to continue on getting fit!


Joining the Infinite Training family was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I was so driven and focused on work, childcare, and daily responsibilities that putting myself last was something I did on a daily basis. It didn't take long after participating in the exhilarating group classes and one-on-one personal training sessions for me to experience a renewed sense of strength, passion, patience, and overall outlook on life. The group classes are both dynamic and uplifting - no better way to start my morning or end my evening... on such a positive note! Small class sizes, lots of individual attention, great variety, focus on form, and modified exercises to suit all levels. The instructors are highly engaged and supportive from start to finish! The personal training sessions are a treat I always look forward to. The customized exercises are ideal for reaching my goals. I feel challenged at just the right level and stronger with every visit. The coaches at Infinite Training offer the reassurance I need to push further and believe in myself ...because they truly believe in me!

Tanya Adams

I've been doing personal training and group sessions at Infinite Training since they opened their doors. I've tried various gyms in my life and this is the first time ever I've been able to maintain a fitness routine. Rob and Steve are exceptional coaches that motivate you to reach your own unique goals while helping to integrate fitness into your lifestyle. They've taught me new exercises and how to do them properly and the instruction is always at my level. I highly recommend this personal training studio.

Martin Phillip

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