Balancing the Demands of Life Through Yoga Practice

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By: Sonya Beaudoin

Life can be really busy at times, and the demands of finishing our “to do list” can sometimes feel heavy and stressful.  One of the tools that yoga teaches us during these times of higher stress is how to maintain a sense of balance within yourself and in your life.

Yoga is a practice of mindfulness and presence. It can teach you to relax your mind and body within a few minutes of breath work or movement.  When you focus your attention fully on your breath and the sensations in your body, your mind is in the present moment and you will begin to let go of external stresses.

There is a tremendous benefit to your physical well-being by teaching your body to relax and move through life’s stresses in a more peaceful manner.  It lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, it decreases the release of stress hormones in your bloodstream, and it even improves digestion, not to mention it feels much better being in a relaxed state than in stress.

Moving your body mindfully with ease and gentle care allows you to release physical tensions and decrease muscle tightness.  A more relaxed body leads to a more relaxed mind. A more relaxed mind leads to more relaxed approach to the people we are encountering during our day.  This is the ripple effect of integrating a yoga practice into your life and choosing to move through your day in a relaxed and peaceful way.

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