Choosing the Right Exercise for Your Body

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With so many different types of exercises to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?  The best exercise program will be based on you needs, your goals, and your enjoyment.

Ask yourself this question “how would I like to feel in my body?” This is one way to help you determine your goals.  By asking yourself this question, you are getting more connected to your body as it is now, so that you can choose from there some exercises that will bring you towards your goals.

Here are some ways in which you can choose which exercises to do…

When you’re under stress, yoga is a great way to relax your mind and body.  Deep stretching and breathing signals to your body to relax and can also help you get a more restful sleep at night.

When your energy is low, start working your heart and lungs by training cardiovascular endurance.  This type of exercise can help you by boosting your endorphins, elevating your mood, and pumping up your energy.

If you’re looking to feel more powerful and strong, weight training is the key.  Strengthening your muscles can really make you feel great.  Over time, as you build your body up, you will notice your posture will begin to change, as well as the way you carry yourself.

One of the best exercises to improve your body awareness is pilates.  The detail and precision of movements that you learn in this type of training is excellent for learning about the unique intricacies of your own body.

If you have fitness questions or you’re looking to learn more about these exercises, the trainers at Infinite Training are available to help you out and get you started.

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Mélanie Richards

Great article!! Thank you, Sonya. I feel motivated to get my energy up with some cardio today. 😊

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