Minor in Kinesiology, Premier Trainer

Lucas has been a personal trainer since 2008. He started his major in physical education in Brazil, then moved to Vancouver where he studied Kinesiology. Now in Montreal, he is certified personal trainer (ISSA and NASM) and have also completed several others certifications in fitness, sport and exercise nutrition. He is currently enrolled in the Precision Nutrition Certification to help his clients further improve their eating habits.

The last decade as a personal trainer has made him realize that it’s all about adopting a healthier lifestyle. He learned that training plans work best when they are adapted to a lifestyle and daily routine; otherwise, adherence to the plan decreases. To ensure his clients are successful in their fitness journey, Lucas first start by understanding them better: their needs, what they want to accomplish, their habits and what’s their priorities in life, but most importantly the reason why they are doing this now. His goal is to work in partnership with them to find the right balance of exercise and nutrition that matches with their goals and lifestyle. Then I coach them through the journey providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help with the inevitable roadblocks ahead.

Consistency and patience are key to achieving long lasting health and fitness results. At the heart of his coaching, he focus on changing bad habits progressively along with providing a solid training plan and nutrition guidance.

“I believe in constant hard work to succeed at making real life changes.”

I specialize in:
Fat Loss
Core Strengthening
Strength and Conditioning
Muscle Building
Regain of Good Posture
Body Composition and Sport Nutrition
Post-Rehab Training
Pre and Post Natal Training
Sport Specific Training for Soccer
Strategies to obtain a healthier lifestyle

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