Pilates instructor, Premier Trainer, Yoga Therapist

Sonya Beaudoin is highly skilled and educated in the health industry, teaching alignment based yoga and mindful exercise.  She is well known for infusing postural exercises and body awareness into her yoga classes in a dynamic and unique way.

Sonya teaches her clients that the human body is amazing in what it can do, and we can influence our energy, health, and happiness with proper posture and alignment.  She draws upon her background in Exercise Science, Pilates, personal training, and Soma Training to create dynamic and specific yoga classes and programs.  She has been teaching throughout Montreal for over 17 years, and has taught for cancer patients, school teachers, yoga teachers, dancers, kids, in corporations, at the Montreal Peace Festival, and several community fundraisers.  She has assisted in the Happy Tree Yoga Teacher Training for the past 5 years.

Her ability to assess posture and teach exercises in her classes that target proper body alignment and specific client needs is what makes her yoga teaching special and unique.  As well, people say her voice is soothing, relaxing, and that it calms them down just by listening to her speak.  She always creates a welcoming environment for people to learn yoga and feel comfortable with exactly where they are at in their body.

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