Infinite Training’s Corporate Wellness Programs are designed specifically to serve the needs of your employees.  We customize yoga classes for your company and teach exercises to promote better posture, decrease stress (physical and mental), and improve overall health and wellbeing.


Over the past decade, corporate wellness programs have been on the rise because of their positive impact on both employees and the bottom line.  Yoga helps people to be stronger, more flexible, have more energy, improve their mood, as well as make people more focused and productive at work. Companies that offer wellness programs also see a boost in the moral of their employees and they take less sick days.


Infinite Training also offers Corporate Wellness Seminars to teach your employees ways they can improve their health through nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle tips.


Infinite Training’s School Board Wellness Programs are created for teachers to take care of their body & mind, while replenishing their energy with yoga classes.  Feeling good in your body and calm in your mind is one of the best ways to be able to connect with others, especially with children in a classroom environment.

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  • Services
    • Group Classes
    • Yoga, Meditation & Breathing
    • Athletic Conditioning, Strength Training & Toning
    • Cardiovascular Endurance Training
    • Pilates & Core Conditioning
    • Corporate Discounts for Gym Memberships and Personal Training

    Classes are taught onsite for any/all employees includes exercises that address the specific needs of the employees based on their daily work structure. All our Wellness programs are run and taught by Certified and Experienced Teachers and Trainers.

  • Benefits for Employers
    • Reduced health care expenses
    • Increase in productivity
    • Improves employee morale and relations
    • Overall increase in health of your staff
  • Benefits for Employees
    • Increase in alertness and creativity
    • Improves mood, and increases energy
    • Maintain healthy posture and decreases injuries
    • Increase in physical strength, flexibility, and balance
    • Decrease in stress and anxiety
    • Learn stress management techniques that can be used anywhere

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