“Sitting is the new smoking”?

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In part two of our continued series of the topic “sitting is the new smoking”, we will be discussing some strategies and exercises on how you can take a STAND against this pandemic of prolonged sitting at work or at home .

For most of us living in the metropolitan area especially in our hometown of Montréal, we live in a society and interact in a culture where our lifestyle revolves around sitting for a prolonged period of time. Whether it is sitting at a desk for several hours a day at work or sitting on the couch while watching our favourite TV show on Netflix and or enjoying our beloved national sport of hockey #GoHabsGo!. This daily recurrence and persistent intervals of sitting is inadvertently taking a tremendous toll on our health. Thus begs the question of how can you take the necessary steps or take a STAND against this pandemic? To answer this check out our list below which demonstrates some strategies and fun exercises you can do at work or at home:


1. Instead of sitting down to eat at lunch or during your coffee break, try taking a pleasant stroll around your office building or walk around a park close by as you eat your delicious meal while viewing and enjoying the beautiful sites of our beloved city
2. Make an attempt to try to stand every 30 minutes or hour as you work. If you have time or feel motivated  , try doing several body weight squats or lunges! 5 or 10 repetitions should do the trick.
3. If you feel your back or legs are tightening up as you sit, make the effort to stretch during your breaks. Be sure to focus on the hamstrings, gluteus and quadriceps muscles when you stretch.
4. The best way to keep motivated and from relapsing as you make your effort to take a STAND is by involving your co-workers or a friend. Take a stroll with them or stand while you have conversations. Schedule a time during the day where you both stand to wave at one another or make a game out of who can do the most squats or lunges during the day! You can take a snapchat challenge with your friends as you do your squats or lunges.


1. There is nothing more tempting after a hard day of work to sit or lye down on the couch to watch TV or scroll on the computer, via facebook….. If you choose to do so make sure to set an alarm 30 minutes from when you start to make sure you get up to stretch or stand briefly.
2. Who doesn’t like to binge watch their favourite TV show or watch a trilogy movie series? Answer is most us of do but be sure to stand in between episodes or every 30 minutes. Purposely wait in between episodes or intermissions to make some popcorn or get your favourite snack (veggies & any kind dip is a great go to when filling up on an empty stomach).
3. When watching a Habs game try making your own game out of it. When Max Pacioretty scores a goal or Andrew Shaw gets a penalty you do a squat or lunge! We all know at least one of those two scenarios will happen a game
4. Try to involve the family! Instead of sitting on the couch together try taking a stroll along a bike trail or along the St. Lawrence. The best way is to play a friendly family outdoor activity such a soccer, shinny or basketball. Be carefully sometimes this turns ugly real quick with a competitive atmosphere .
As you can see this is a just small list to the numerous possibilities to the activities, games and ideas that all lead to more moving and to taking a STAND!

If haven’t already, please be sure to read the articles linked below to recent studies and evidence demonstrating that our daily living habits and lifestyle surrounding prolonged sitting is affecting our overall mortality.

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