What our clients have to say...

Over the last 12 months, not only have I reached my fitness goals, but I have become a part of a family.

Kim Ryan

Thank you for keeping my body young.

Charles-Henri Brunet

It's been a fantastic experience joining Infinite Training. They have become family and I will continue training for many years to come.

Linda Brunet

Infinite is the best kept secret in the West Island.

Chantal Carrier

Infinite Training is more than a gym is it an inviting community of professionals that know you and are there to guide you.

Sabra Way

It is my 1 year anniversary with Infinite Training and I could not be happier! I signed up one year ago for shared personal training with Steve W. and started working out twice a week. Once with Steve and once on my own. My only goal was to be stronger. What hooked me was the personalized approach to my fitness. I had tried working out at home but I never really knew if I was doing exercises correctly. When I was working with Steve it became clear that I had weaknesses in areas that I didn’t even know about! With his guidance I have continued to work on those weak areas and my overall strength. I have seen improvements that I never saw with my home workouts. After I finished my 6 weeks with Steve I continued to strength train twice a week in the classes at Infinite Training. Once a week in Steve’s Saturday morning class and once a week in Lucas‘s Wednesday class and I have stuck with that routine for 10 months. I have seen some amazing changes. For one, I am much stronger than I was. With this new strength I also have received compliments that my posture is better and I carry myself with more confidence. Being able to do more push-ups or better squats is great but what I mostly appreciate is everyday tasks are much easier. The other thing I have learned over the last year is that I feel better when I work out, which we all know, but I actually feel it. When I haven’t worked out in a couple of days I can tell by my mood and stress levels and I look forward to working out. That has never happened to me before! Infinite Training is more than a gym is it an inviting community of professionals that know you and are there to guide you. There is so much diversity in this gym. I have done HIIT workouts, strength training, Yoga, Pilates and cardio. Every work out feels different, offers new challenges and familiar favourites. You never get bored! The staff bring so much knowledge to how they structure the trainings. I would also like to give a shout out to Grant who doesn’t have a regular class but when he subs in does a fantastic job. My body feels lighter and moves with more precision. I had some stiffness in my knees which has improved. I have gotten stronger.

Sabra Way

"Infinite is the best kept secret in the West Island. My son started training with Steve 14 years ago and he still trains with Steve. My husband and I were so impressed by Steve that we also started training with him. Steve makes sure that all his staff reflect his high level of professionalism. We have trained with all the Infinite trainers and they are all great. The trainers truly customize the trainings to our needs. I do different sports which bring many aches and pains but I can always count on Steve to make my body feel better using specific exercises. I do a lot of cardio but no stretching on my own. I hate yoga or pilates classes but I have started the past year doing one on one stretching sessions with Sonya. These stretching sessions are exactly what my body needs, it screams a big thank you after each session. Infinite offers a truly warm and friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend Infinite."

Chantal Carrier

Entraîneur personnel. Vraiment! Pourquoi?   Facile pour moi de répondre: je m’entraîne avec Steve Van Wyk depuis près de 20 ans et c’est certainement une des meilleures décisions que j’ai prises. Grâce à ses conseils, ses encouragements et la façon qu’il a de me pousser à aller plus loin j’ai non seulement réussi à améliorer ma santé physique mais j’ai également eu le courage d’entreprendre à  plus de 50 ans un nouveau sport – le bateau-dragon. J’ai débuté avec une équipe communautaire mais avec l’aide et le support de mon entraîneur j’ai poussé à d’autres niveaux. J’ai joint une équipe sportive et compétionné plusieurs fois en Asie et en Europe, faisant même partie de l’équipe nationale des 60ans et plus en 2013. Tout ça en évitant les blessures grâce à sa supervision et son encadrement.  Je continue le bateau-dragon et j’ai ajouté l’outrigger depuis quelques années. L’entraînement supervisé  est adapté à mes besoins, à ma condition physique et me permet de demeurer active et pratiquer les sports que j’aime. Steve continue à me pousser et je lui en suis reconnaissante.  Impossible de baisser les bras!

Monique Caron

"A few years ago I had hip replacement surgery. I realized in order to rehab completely, I needed to build muscle and realign my posture. I wanted someone who I could feel confident working with. I visited Infinite Training and met with Steve van Wyk. He spent time assessing me and tailored a program specific to my issues and goals. I began training with him twice a week. Best decision I ever made! Right from the beginning, I felt extremely confident with Steve. His osteopathic work adds to his awareness of how the body functions. For anyone with issues, it's the perfect combination. He is dedicated to every one of his clients and the expertise, guidance, and redesigning of my sessions kept me progressing consistently. I have developed core strength, stamina and balance which makes keeping up with two grandsons so much easier and fun. I have also had the opportunity to train with Steve's wife Sonya. She varies the workouts by adding a little yoga, Pilates, and a lot of stretching on the days I feel I need something different. It's been a fantastic experience joining Infinite Training. They have become family and I will continue training for many years to come."

Linda Brunet

"Before starting at Infinite training, I was feeling really tired about being out of shape and overweight, my knees and back started hurting, and I was lacking the energy to keep up with my kids.  I knew I had to make a change, and that I needed to do something just for me. I decided to join Infinite Training and work one-on-one with a personal trainer to rediscover myself and get back to my true self.   Over the last 12 months, not only have I reached my fitness goals, but I have become a part of a family.  It’s really nice to walk into the gym at any point in time and be greeted by one of the staff or another member with a smile.  Infinite training offers a full range of services to its clients.    The trainers are very knowledgeable and willing to listen to what your needs are.  They do an amazing job at helping you set realistic fitness goals, and then provide you with the tools and support you need to reach them.     I have realized that anything is possible and that setting goals is important, but being nice to yourself and doing what makes you feel good is even more important."

Kim Ryan

I've been training with Steve for over 10 years now through 2 surgeries and numerous sports related injuries. Thanks to his attentive care and concern and most most importantly his tremendous in depth knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics, I am still playing hockey 3 to 4 times a week and recently ran a sprint triathlon at 58. Thank you for keeping my body young.

Charles-Henri Brunet

Sonya started teaching me hot hatha yoga bout 6 or 7 years ago now, at Happy Tree Yoga. I didn't know her at all back then. That quickly changed, as I would start looking forward to that 1.5 hr every week on the Monday evenings... Sonya has the most soothing voice I've ever heard; I still use some of her catch phrases in my daily life, to soothe me in trying moments. 'Nice and easy' she would say. She would always be so gentle as we would start our class, and throughout. Through her gentle care, she would also however push us to explore the limits of our bodies, without judgement or fear, but with caution and love for ourselves. I learned SO MUCH from her. She really masters deep and advanced postures, she knows how the body works, and she explains postures with such detail and attention. As for the relaxing moments of the class, they are pure bliss. That 1.5 hr completely relieved all my tensions and helped me access a state of calm and peacefulness, which was invaluable. Today, as a young mother, I can't attend evening classes anymore. I miss her presence in my yoga life SO MUCH. She has the kindest spirit. Thankfully, we have become close friends and I still get the chance to see her sweet face now and then, and give her a big hug of love and appreciation. Anyone who has her as a yoga teacher, or as a friend, is the luckiest of people...

Christine Lalonde

Sonya, you are a brillant yoga teacher. You are a perfectionist and with you in my yoga teacher training, it became much more easier. You were so patient and you were never tired of showing same poses over and over again. You focused on details and always there is a lovely smile with your face. You surly brightened my day with your beautiful warm smile. You were fair to everyone and you always treated everyone equally with respect. I love your soul very much and I am so grateful that I had an incredible yoga teacher like you in my journey.

Sharmin Sarma, Yoga Teacher

Sonya, you have a gentle strength that allows you to command a room with a powerful warm loving and heart-felt energy. The softness is your voice allows your students to trust themselves and get into difficult postures with ease and grace. You have excellent alignment cues that are so clear, your students do not have to look to see what you are doing and in turn feel safe. Your own practice is also very strong and knowledgeable that students and teachers trust you to help them grow in their own practice or business.

Lisa Shebath, Yoga Teacher

I have had the honor and privilege of being taught by Sonya as I was learning to become a yoga teacher myself. Sonya is a gifted teacher. I was most touched and impacted by the gentle and warm yet poignant way in which she was able to guide each one of us forward on our individual journey. I felt seen and safe. She has a deep knowledge of the human body and it’s mechanics and effectively imparts this understanding to her students. Radiant, beautiful, insightful, profound, gentle, enchanting Sonya.

Nora Hanna, Yoga Teacher

I took yoga lessons with Sonya (both private and in group settings) for over six years before moving away. She is one of the warmest, kindest teachers I have had the pleasure of coming across. Her classes will leave you feeling strong and flexible in body and calm and relaxed in mind. I love how she always offers options for more advanced students while ensuring every pose is accessible to the stiffest beginner. If you have the chance to take a class with Sonya, take it!

Rachel Zuroff

I greatly enjoyed working with Sonya as my personal trainer. She was very perceptive about evaluating my current level of skills and what I needed to do next to improve. While working with her, my flexibility, my strength, and my endurance improved.

Debbie Zuroff

Sonya is the rare yoga teacher who truly embodies the practice. Her teaching is skillful, nuanced, and informed by many years of dedicated practice and ongoing study. Under Sonya's skilled guidance, thoughtful instruction and caring presence you’ll be inspired to explore your limits with the perfect combination of challenge and compassion.

Barrie Risman, creator of The Skillful Yogi & co-director of World Spine Care Yoga Project

In 2014 , I decided that it was time to make a positive change in regards to my health. At 45 years old, I felt a lack of energy and my aches and pains were more present. I never liked going to the gym, especially big commercial box gyms where eventually I would lose interest and stop going. I decided to try Infinite Training, smaller, individualized training and a different approach to exercise. Best decision ever! I enjoy the individual training, the group classes and friendly environment. Steve has been great; he tailored my personal training sessions to achieve my personal goals of toning and losing those inches where I needed most. He is always pushing me that much further each week. All the staff have been fantastic motivators, I feel stronger, energized and motivated to continue on getting fit!


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